How Emerging Technologies are Transforming Cargo Claims…

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How Emerging Technologies are Transforming Cargo Claims…


Did you know that the Top 10 Container Shipping Lines control 81% of global capacity?

According to industry statistics, while the frequency of claims below USD 50,000 are increasing, 8 out of 10 claims are rejected by shipping lines and 1 out of 10 cargo claims are settled at 15% of the original value.

Most of these claims become delinquent or uneconomic to pursue and sluggish claims create a lot of trapped cash for the industry + customers. The entire process is labour intensive, paper driven and repetitive.. What if there was a simple, accessible, self-service claims recovery platform?

A presentation was held in the Office of The Association of Multi-modal Transport Operators of India (AMTOI) from on 25 th September on the subject.

The presentation was made by Dr Lina Jasutiene PHD, who was in India to participate in a few programs and interacted with the members after the presentation.

Dr Lina Jasutiene is an entrepreneur, international shipping lawyer, an expert in marine insurance and cargo transportation with strong business acumen.

Prior to founding Recoupex to fix cargo claims refund experience in global trade, Lina worked with one of the biggest shipping lines, where she witnessed first hand the implications of un-recovered claims for cargo owners, traders and insurers.

In India, Recoupex has partnered with Apex Group for business development. Dr Lina was introduced by Subhasis Ghosh, Managing Partner Apex Group, who are looking to benefit their network of forwarders , cargo owners and marine insurance community. Subhasis explained that benefiting from this technology solution does not involve any subscription or any advance payment, but works fully on success fee basis.

In case you have cargo claims , you can benefit from the technology based platform directly. Please feel free to submit your claim through the link below