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Apex Group Partners With Recoupex To Support Our Network Of Forwarders, Cargo Owners And Insurers , Finalise Cargo Claims Globally

Cargo claims recovery is usually a painful process. Recoupex GmbH, [...]

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US metal scrap, plastic and waste paper exports to China to be impacted by tariffs

Global Trade. 23 August. 4 minute read. Starting August 23, [...]

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Maersk to pilot shorter Arctic trade lane from St Petersburg to Vladivostok in September

Daily Mail. 23 August. 7 minute read. Maersk, the world's [...]

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Reduction in European diesel imports and gasoline exports to impact global trade flows in 2019

Hellenic Shipping News. 24 August. 2 minute read. Europe's exportable [...]

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Container shipping rates benefit from tariffs, trade issues and capacity cuts

Freight Waves. 13 August. 6 minute read. Container shipping rates [...]

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Russia and Turkey to open Black Sea trade lane through Crimea

RT. 17 August. 3 minute read. The warming of relations [...]

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Kenya looking to revive state owned shipping line in partnership with MSC

Bloomberg. 16 August.4 minute read. Kenya has signed an agreement [...]

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Saudi Arabia to resume Oil exports through the Red Sea trade lane

CNBC. 4 August. 4 minute read. Saudi Arabia which had [...]

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