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We help emerging businesses set up and scale up through M&A, Mentoring, and Mastermind Workshops

We leverage our network to bring together businesses with the potential for synergies.

What We Do?

Apex Group helps grow and turnaround, Startups, and SME businesses through Mergers & Acquisitions, Mentoring, and Mastermind Workshops.

M & A Advisory

We bring together businesses with potential for synergies.

Emerging Startups

We help emerging businesses set up and scale up.

Growth & Turnaround

We help existing businesses grow & perform to meet their potential.- turnaround underperforming businesses.

We focus on supply chain & logistics related businesses

We engage on behalf of the promoter/ investor & protect their interest.

We do project based engagements and collaborate on growth projects.

Our engagement is structured to ensure that we have a stake in your success.

Our Approach

Our Approach for Mergers & Acquisitions

1 – Determine the Client shareholder objectives and priorities

– Economic
– Management
– Continued Involvement
– Company name and culture

2 – Perform Preliminary analysis of the client Project and Industry

3 – Research market enviroment

4 – Negotiate and sign engagement agreement with company.

1 – Perform the Client Company/Project and industry due diligence

2 – Prepare Project document to “go to market”
-“no-name” project/company summary
-Confidentiality/ agreement

3 – Research and identify potential partners / investors

4 – Determine potential partners / investors to contact

5 – Prepare partner / investor data room files.

1 – Contact potential partners / Investors on a “no-name” basis

2 – Sign sonfidentiality agreements with potential partners / investors

3 –  Distribute memorandum to potential partners

4 – Solicit/visit and negotialte 1st round

5 – Select potential partners / investors to meet with management and participate in facility tours

6 – Hold Management presentation / tours

7 – Solicit negotiate 2nd round proposals

1 – Provide data room files to remaining potential partners / investors

2 – Distribute draft project partnership agreement to remaining potential partners

3 – Address due deligence questions and requests

4 – Solicit and negotiate 3rd* round bids / letters of intent and, in some cases, “mark-up” to the collaboration agreement

5- Choose a potential buyer / investor to move to the final phase

additional bid rounds may be required or desired depending on the process

1 – Lead negotiation of the “business” and “economic” issues in the collaboration documents

-Maximize of after tax net proceeds
-Minimize excrows and indemnity exposure

2 – Interface with the client advisors
-Accounting / Tax

3 – Coordinate and manage final partner / Investor due deligence

4 – Maintain collaboration momentum and sense of urgency until close

Our Approach for start-ups

  1. Assessing the demand & industry structure
  2. Validating the vision & strategy
  3. Identifying the levers and resources; Developing the execution plan
  1. Inducting interim leadership with clear mandate to scale up
  2. Executing based on agreed ( business development, people, operations & finance ) plans
  3. Joint reviews and exploring partnerships
  1. Inducting independent leadership /advisors to handhold post milestone achievement
  2. Pursue agreed direction
  3. Review and support for course correction

Our Approach for Growth & Turnarounds

  1. Assessing the turnaround potential
  2. Identifying the levers and resources
  3. Developing the turnaround plan
  1. Inducting interim leadership with clear mandate to turnaround
  2. Executing based on agreed plan
  3. Joint review and reporting
  1. Inducting independent leadership /advisors to handhold post turnaround
  2. Pursue agreed direction
  3. Review and support for course correction

We are presently working with

A logistics related business on a sell side mandate for an M&A

Emerging & existing businesses in the manufacturing and services sectors

Advising global consultants through expert networks

Active in CII Logistics and an angel investment networks

We Respect Our Client's Confidentiality