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Ten ideas to Re-Orient our Post-Pandemic Businesses and Leadership Style

You are perhaps back to Work from Anywhere by now. The causes, the short and long term geoeconomic effects of the pandemic are being debated over mainstream and social media. It appears that the pandemic will significantly impact the context as well as the transaction environment of our businesses. We [...]

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5 Understandings on Job Creation through Challenging Times..

Hi John, nice meeting you. What do you do? We often identify ourselves by what we do. Some would say ‘ I am an accountant’ or “I am a florist” and yet some others like me would say, “ I help businesses achieve more through [...]

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3 Perspectives on Economic Zones & Industrial Parks

And how to make them Successful… The impact of the pandemic is expected to be deeper and longer on trade flows and freight movement. Now that most businesses have handled many of their immediate challenges, its time to think about their return to the next [...]

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4 Settings to benefit from productivity improvements

We know that technology-driven productivity increase mostly enhances prosperity. While many people across the world, continue to benefit from technology, numerous others also end up losing their jobs. The enterprising ones transition to other gigs with retraining, though it is a more significant transition for [...]

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5 Ways to Benefit from a Mentor

Are you a Start-up Founder or a Business Owner, trying to tackle several business problems simultaneously? You are probably trying to connect with investors, secure clients, partners, attract and retain talent, in an unpredictable post Covid-19 market . Or, are you a Corporate Executive or [...]

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How Emerging Technologies are Transforming Cargo Claims…

  Did you know that the Top 10 Container Shipping Lines control 81% of global capacity? According to industry statistics, while the frequency of claims below USD 50,000 are increasing, 8 out of 10 claims are rejected by shipping lines and 1 out of 10 cargo [...]

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