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Apex Group Mastermind

As a start-up founder,  or a business owner, or an executive in transition, have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and wondered – am I on the right track? What else can I do to move the needle forward?

We created this mastermind, leveraging an internationally reputed concept,  to  help you lift your business to the next level , overcoming challenges like access to finance, talent and markets.

In this mastermind you will achieve significantly more clarity on where you are, why are you doing this, what you need to do to move the needle forward.

Also, what not to do as you will learn from failures, instead of your own trial and error, for the next 5-10 years.

This is not a motivation seminar or a business plan or sales training workshop.

This mastermind is only for people who are coachable, willing to stretch themselves and understand the need for guidance & handholding to get from where they are to where they want to go

You will learn what it takes to scale a business, without putting in more than the 12-18-hour workdays

You will learn how to stay inspired for the long haul by using frameworks and tools being used by the sharpest minds in the most developed markets

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Thank you for visiting this webpage. We invite you to reflect on and benefit from our insights below.

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In the mastermind, you will be able to network with your peers and learn from those , who have been through similar circumstances and prospered.

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You will also be invited to join my professional network and the Apex Group social media networks and benefit from our network of over 10,000 followers and relationship with corporates, business schools etc.

We invite you to reflect on and benefit from the insights below.

Ever wondered whether extreme single-mindedness can limit your creativity and intelligence?
Your ability to acquire diverse knowledge and experience helps you bring fresh perspectives.
You do not need to have the same experience as everyone else, and the breadth of your knowledge and experience could be more valuable than depth.

Ever wondered about some of the problems that technology alone can not solve?
Four significant problems for today’s world are the pandemic, overpopulation, refugee problem and climate change. There’s a human dimension to these problems that technology by itself cannot solve

Have you ever wondered how can interacting with a mentor help you transition from being an employee to an entrepreneur?

An experienced mentor will help you extract valuable strength from your mind and help you connect with possibilities.

Ever wondered why the person making the most effort in their business does not always become successful?

Business is not a competition about efforts. It is more of a competition on hunger for success. So the person who wins is hungrier and willing to go beyond their comfort zones while putting in all-out efforts.

Ever wondered whether you can Brain-wash yourself to succeed?
Scientists say that, like the body, our brain has its cleansing mechanism and process. The cleansing mechanism of our brain is active when we sleep. To get a good night’s sleep is to brain-wash ourselves every day. We find new creative solutions to our problems after a good night’s sleep.

Ever wondered how does it help to speak with a mentor?
To Clarify the picture of your future in your mind; Even coaches need to speak to mentors to get better.

Ever wondered why we are never fully prepared for what happens?
George Bernard Shaw once wrote that “man progresses in all things by making a fool of himself “. So don’t fret about making a fool of yourself and trying new things for which you are unprepared or underprepared because life happens when you are waiting for something else.

Ever wondered how do people find the flow in group work?
If you learn how to channel the universe’s energy through you, you will do beautiful things. Sometimes you need a group of like-minded people to create an energy funnel to channel this energy. And that’s where a mastermind group comes in.

Have you ever wondered what would it be like always to be purposeful?

Our purpose is not a person, a place or a thing that we have to find somehow. What if we considered being purposeful as an action that we can take. Then we can do anything the universe wants to be done through us purposefully.

Have you ever wondered how you can leverage the energy in the universe to move you towards success?
To show the universe that it can work through you, ask yourself how I may be of service? What are my unique gifts to the world? How can I use these unique gifts to serve the people who can benefit from them?

Finding Purpose

Ever wondered, What kind of support group do you need to help you succeed? 
You can’t succeed all by yourself. You need encouragement, support and accountability. Your family and friends can encourage and support you. Someone who is a stranger can perhaps hold you accountable. 

You would not like to disappoint this person, because you have them in high esteem and possibly pay for the advice. Remember, all the encouragement and motivation will get tested at some point in time. Your mentor may become your friend over time, but the relationship needs to start as an arms-length business relationship. 

Ever wondered, Why do business leaders need to understand geopolitics and public policy?

My Sense is: Our businesses operate in the context of international mobility, global trade, oil price, investment climate etc. These, in turn, impact how our businesses transact with clients, users, suppliers, employees. The study of geopolitics helps us better understand the Business Context, going beyond our transaction environment.

Ever wondered, How can a newly appointed Board Members avoid feeling like an imposter ?

My Sense is: Newly appointed Board Members need to be well prepared for board meetings. Preparation helps overcome the feeling- “am I in the right place?”, and contribute better.

Ever wondered: Could there be a rare and unspoken ability to succeed?

My Sense is: People come and go in any industry. The ability to understand momentum is a key item. The ability to observe and align with the change in Momentum in a team, in a community or in a country……. Ever notice, somebody does something courageous and the energy shifts ….the mindset changes… .

Ever wondered: What kind of person would invest in your business or idea?

My Sense is: You need to connect with a believer. People who have a positive expectation about presently unknown, future outcomes

Ever wondered : How do multiple perspectives help our imagination?

My Sense is: A single perspective can limit imagination. Looking at issues from several angles provide us with a more accurate understanding, and help us find practical solutions.

Ever wondered Do your Mentors need to be older or younger than you?

My Sense is: Mentoring and Reverse mentoring work well when they complement each other. While the younger mentor could benefit from the wisdom, experience and network, the Modern Elder could benefit from new ways of thinking…

Ever wondered: What are some of the barriers to improving #diversity and #inclusion in our workplaces?

My Sense is: We need to overcome a weak sense of belonging and difficulty navigating professional environments as critical barriers to improving diversity and inclusion of less represented groups.

Ever wondered: Why is it essential for leaders to revisit the #purpose of our businesses during the pandemic?

My Sense is: Aligning the organizations’ purpose, with the sense of individual purpose of teams and employees, is a crucial task of business #leaders.

It is easy to misread the lack of discussion on purpose as an agreement. Bridging the gaps takes time, commitment, and listening. The pandemic has provided us with an opportunity to articulate the core purpose of our organizations.

Ever wondered :How can your business idea or startup make more money in a contested market?

My Sense is: Your core idea needs to be about adding value to clients, suppliers, employees or investors. By delivering more value than your competition, you will make more money over the same time. You can also charge more. Towards this, work harder on yourself and your business to become more valuable. 

Ever wondered: How do you become a thought leader in your area of interest?

My Sense is: You need to show up at the right places, add value, build a brand and give away your most valuable offerings.  You do not need anyone’s certification to be a thought leader; no need to be the last word in anything.

Ever wondered:When will your business problems be resolved?

My Sense is: Never. The degree of your problems reflects the stage of your success. As you achieve success, you will have more significant issues. Billionaires have billion-dollar problems. Enjoy the ride.

Ever wondered: Is there a way to compress your time to success?

My Sense is: Keep learning from the experience of others, who have been through similar journeys. What took us decades to figure out, we share for absorption in weeks. Works faster than learning through trial and errors.

Ever wondered: When forced to choose, which is more important, your Product OR your Client?

My Sense is: Your client. Always love your ideal client more than your perfect product or service. You can tweak, rebuild and modify your product.

Ever wondered: What’s the likely post-pandemic scenario for relocations, for work abroad?

My Sense is: Virtual mobility is rising. Many knowledge workers prefer working for a foreign employer remotely. On the other hand, there are benefits of on-site culture building and creative serendipity..

Ever wondered: Can AI help Boards perform even better ?

My Sense is: AI has not yet evolved to become a Board Member yet. The Board needs to set realistic expectations and ensure that the Management doesn’t need to act in haste, before building resilience. AI could help Board members manage information overload, be digitally savvy, transparent and collaborative. 

Ever wondered: How can businesses better manage geopolitical risk post-pandemic?

My Sense is: Geopolitics overwhelms economics anyday. Aligning your business strategy to the accelerated change in geopolitical reality is critical for growth.  While there are no templates, several businesses take a holistic approach and engage the entire organization to manage geopolitical risks..

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